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Highland Panic

Highland Panic

Highland Panic is an exciting and fast-paced Scottish/Highland themed multiplayer card game designed for 2-4 players. If you enjoy classic games like Nertz or Dutch Blitz, you'll love Highland Panic! The game is built around the familiar mechanics of solitaire, but with a unique twist that makes it even more challenging and competitive.

With easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics and quick, fast-paced rounds, Highland Panic is the perfect game for parties, game nights, and casual play. Whether you're a seasoned card player or a newcomer to the world of card games, you'll find something to love in Highland Panic. So gather your friends, sharpen your wits, and get ready for an epic battle of strategy and skill!

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Cosmic Space Fortress

Cosmic Space Fortress

Remake of the arcade classic Starcastle.

Written in Unity with stunning visuals and challenging enemies and hazards. Dodge asteroids, missiles and enemy fire while you try to penetrate the fortress' concentric, rotating shields to blow it up.

Asteroids and enemy missiles sometimes drop power-ups when destroyed: shields, extra-life, booster-thrust, extra weapons.

iOS Android WebGL
Ninja Eggs

Ninja Eggs

Ninja Eggs is an Angry Birds knock-off using custom, hand-drawn art inspired by artist and TV personality Mark Kistler.

Instead of launching a bird you launch an adorable "Ninja Egg", a character created by Mark Kistler and passed on to countless eager students of his art lessons.

My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed Mark's " Zoom Fine Arts Academy" during the Covid-19 "quarantine".

iOS Android WebGL
Galactic Empires

Galactic Empires

Galactic Empires is a 3D space shooter. This free version has a single scenario: Escort a transport ship and protect it from waves of enemy ships.

If there is sufficient interest I plan to add additional scenarios.

If there is a lot of interest I'd like to add multiplayer support, exploration & colonization, economics and trade, etc.

WebGL Download (Windows, Mac, Linux).
Object Pool Manager

Object Pool Manager

I developed a lightweight, easy-to-use, object pooler designed to work specifically with prefabs. I use this in my games and published it to the Unity Asset Store as a free asset.

Unity Asset Store

How to Write Joust from Scratch in Unity 3D

Course-length Unity tutorial teaching how to recreate the classic arcade game Joust from scratch in Unity.

YouTube Play on itch.io Source code

How to Write Q*Bert from Scratch in Unity 3D

I produced an 8 part tutorial series for my Midnite Oil Software YouTube channel where I teach how to write the Q*Bert game from scratch in Unity 3D.

YouTube playlist Play on itch.io Source code

DinoRace - A Typing/Racing Game

I whipped up a prototype for a typing/racing game in Unity. I have some really cool assets I've never gotten to use like these cute animated dinosaurs and the toon numbers so I thought this would be a great game to try them out on. Basically you have a triceratops and you race against a brontosaurus. The faster you type, the faster your dinosaur runs.

Play on itch.io
3D Space Shooter Series

How to Write a 3D Space Shooter Game in Unity

I am producing a comprehensive tutorial series for my Midnite Oil Software YouTube channel where I teach how to write a 3D space shooter game in Unity 3D. In addition to all the normal components of a 3D game (graphics, materials, particle effects, music, sound, UI, etc), I cover complex topics like ship AI control with collision avoidance. I even cover how to use a PID controller to smooth out enemy movement controls.

YouTube playlist Source code
Defender Series

Re-create Defender in Unity

I am producing a comprehensive tutorial series for my Midnite Oil Software YouTube channel where I teach how to re-create the classic Defender arcade game in Unity. I am putting an emphasis on unit tests/test-driven-development (TDD) and CI/CD pipelines.

YouTube playlist Source code

Re-create Beamrider in Unity

Course-length Unity tutorial for beginners in which I teach out to recreate a game based on Atari's classic Beamrider using Unity.

YouTube Source code

Learn to make Starcastle in Unity

Course-length Unity tutorial for beginners in which I teach out to create a game like Starcastle in Unity.

YouTube Source code
Music and SFX

Music and Sound Effects in Unity - Beginner to Advanced

Series of tutorial videos teaching how to implement music and sound effects in Unity.In this series I start with the basics of creating a simple music manager and progress to more advanced topics like audio mixer groups and snapshots, addressables and cloud content delivery, sound effects randomization, varying footstep sounds based on different terrain types, etc.

YouTube playlist